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Canoe Kayak

At all times! At any seasons!

Canoe and kayak site in New Caledonia.

Lovers of kayaking and water sports, sports friends and walkers ... Looking for a hobby, an excursion, an internship, an adventure ... you have found the right address!

Welcome to H2O Odyssey!

Here you will find the service of your choice to visit the most beautiful sites of New Caledonia.

Excursions & Eco Tour in New Caledonia

The more H2O Odyssey:

Guided excursions!

The spirit of H2O Odyssée is to make you discover the most beautiful sites of New Caledonia and also to promote a practice taught Canoe-Kayak.

H2O Odyssée brings together people interested in the practice of Canoeing and Kayaking, in search of sensations and adventure in a climate of camaraderie and in compliance with the recognized rules of safety.

Your guides and instructors of Canoe & Kayak are passionate.

We are therefore careful to entrust you with a material adapted to the person. The boats are up to the standards in force, efficient and of "high-end" quality.

By making you enjoy the best navigation techniques we hope to make you enjoy the game of skiing, discover technical gestures and expand your range of experiences.

Get away!

Discover New Caledonia in traditional canoe or sea kayak.

H2O Odyssée offers a wide choice of walks, walks, hikes and guided expeditions.

Sea Kayaking Outlet at Mont Dore

Next out ... There will be sport! Do not forget to sign up for the Sea Kayak outing at Mont Dore. Departure: from the Base Camp of H2o Odyssey to Vallon Dore. Objective: the island Porc-Epic Online booking on the site of H2o odyssey: ...

Next exit

Next out ... We promise you the moon! Do not forget to sign up for one of the next Full Moon outings. Online booking on the H2o odyssey website: [button ...

The Isles of Mount Dore - A Day - Guided Walk - Sea Kayaking

A journey that will allow you to do the tour of the islets of Mont Dore. Enjoy a sea kayak ride to learn about sea kayaking and get away from it all. Half an hour from Noumea, this hike to the day will allow you to access the different islets ...

Drowned Forest and Blue River - Half Day - Guided Walk - Canoeing

Want a walk to escape? This guided outing to the Provincial Park of the Blue River will make you discover the Blue River and its astonishing forest. In a small group, with your family or friends, discover the basics of Easy Canoe Navigation ...

Drowned Forest & Blue River - Day - Guided Walk - Canoe

Guided tours in Traditional Canoe - Forêt Nérée and Rivière Bleue. There are few boats that embody the spirit of exploration as much as the Canadian Canoe! These accompanied excursions will allow you to initiate you to hike on a boat ...

Full Moon - Forest Née - Yaté - Guided Walk - Canoe - Kayak

Each month, the full moon will enlighten us for a nocturnal canoe trip to the Blue River in the Drowned Forest. A magical and astonishing mystery on Lake Yaté in the Provincial Park of the Blue River. With your guide, you will be able to slalom ...

Woodland Port and Prony Bay - 2 Days - Long Guided Hike - Sea Kayaking

Here is a haven of peace at the extreme south of the big land: you are in the Boisé Harbor! This destination is well worth the detour: a protected bay, beautiful seabed ... In the hollow of the Bay, a trip to the river Trou Bleu is needed. The...

Prony Bay - 2 Days - Long Guided Hike - Sea Kayaking

This voyage of discovery and adventure in sea kayaking allows you to immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of the Bay. It's also an opportunity to meet other adventurers like you. Instant booking: standard and scheduled activities on the agenda ....

The Isles of Mount Dore - Half Day - Guided Walk - Sea Kayaking

A journey towards the 4 islets of Mont Dore. Enjoy a sea kayak ride to access the island Bailly and also enjoy the view of Mont Dore. To slide on the water and to advance slowly without noise, without pollutions are advantages that only the ...

Prony Bay - One Day - Short Guided Hike - Sea Kayaking

Prony Bay, protected from the winds, you reserve beautiful hikes to the Hot Springs or to the islets Casy and Montravel, real green diamonds placed on the water with colorful reflections, lover of beautiful photos: enjoy yourself ! Booking...

Forgotten Coast - Guided Expedition - 5 Days - Sea Kayaking

An expedition of 5 days to fully enjoy the Forgotten Coast and explore further all these nooks. You will go up the Forgotten Coast from Yaté to Thio. Impressive landscapes of beauty, with its wooded mountains falling steeply towards beaches ...

Forgotten Coast - Guided Expedition - 4 Days - Sea Kayaking

For kayakers who want to disconnect the time of a guided expedition, and discover the well-named Côte Oubliée. The East Coast offers beautiful impressive landscapes: lush vegetation, waterfalls, sheltered bays, wild beaches ... But also its lagoon and .. .
We made the Coast Forgotten end of October with Mika and it was excellent!

"Bivouac spots of dream and varied, beautiful landscapes, well-balanced days at the level of effort, exceptional snorkling sessions, very good organization. It is true that the weather was perfect (La Côte Oubliée postcard version), but we felt framed and safe all along. I would not advise to do without a guide because it is really forgotten this coast! We met a sailboat and a fishing boat in 4 days ... I highly recommend! "

We're talking about the Forgotten Coast with H2O Odyssey

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Booking according to the agenda

Are you a single person, a constituted group? Looking for a stroll, a walk, a hike, a canoe kayak course ... or do you want to participate in an expedition?

Click here to access the calendar and all the standard services scheduled on the calendar:

Categories of activities

Click here for direct access to the online store and all categories of activity:

Organization of "standard activities":

The agenda offers a choice of activities scheduled in advance. Guided and supervised services that are proposed to you on the calendar require a preliminary reservation.

Registration for these activities is "on the water". The first registrants are the first served.

Also, the first reservations validate the service displayed on the calendar (type of activity, destination and period).

Book in advance:

Last minute registrations are not always possible and can not guarantee a place.

Maybe you ask yourself the following questions:

"It's not too hard to paddle for a long time?"

Be sure !

Our job is to bring you the basics of the activity to navigate safely and safely. Contrary to popular belief, practicing a paddle sport is not necessarily a question of physical strength but, on the contrary, it requires technique. With some explanations of the basic gestures and technical basics, everything is better! And, you will have a lot more fun navigating during your hike or expedition.

"But I've never kayaked. Finally, if (...), I went around in circles all the time! "

The choice of the boat is essential!

Each type of boat is intended for a specific practice of the activity. The sea kayak is ideal for hiking for several days on the lagoon and facing the elements. We are careful to provide you with equipment adapted to the person. To try a sporting activity with inadequate equipment and without departure support is not the best. This often leaves a bad experience of the activity.

Our goals:

The goal of your Canoe Kayak instructor is to promote a taught practice of the activity.

We defend the taught practice of kayak sea ​​and traditional canoe because too many people had the bad experience of a rental of heavy equipment and poor quality, without technical guidance ...

Who is the activity for?

All excursions and stays are primarily open to participants in search of adventure, escape and sensations.

Sea kayaking trips are within the reach of anyone in good health and able to swim easily. As you can understand, no need to be a top athlete, a good physical condition is enough. It is better to be sensitive, passionate about nature and to love watching it. However the activity implies a minimum physical commitment. You will enjoy hiking without difficulty if you practice a sport regularly (such as hiking). On the other hand, the only requirement of practice is to know how to swim and to immerse oneself.

Why choose an excursion supervised by a Canoe Kayak instructor?

Canoeing and Kayaking in New Caledonia:

In very calm weather, a paddle stroke in the water and we advance, but we are not born kayaker!

An autonomous kayaker knows how to ensure the safety of others, is able to anticipate all (or the majority) the problems that one can meet at sea and knows the gestures effective and painless to advance. It requires some experience and training.

The experiences of everyone are very interesting but often not in the image of sea kayaking activity.

We are not "fundamentalists of the technique", but we like that, it's true! Because we know from experience that a novice practitioner does not necessarily see the benefit of learning the basic maneuvers and yet when he knows them afterwards, it is much more fun!

A special request, outside the calendar?

You wish a change of schedule or date, a meal order, the reservation of lodging, a excursion outside calendar ... Use the following button to send us a special request.

Off-calendar requests must be sent several days in advance.


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