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Woodland Port and Prony Bay - 2 Days - Long Guided Hike - Sea Kayaking

Here is a haven of peace at the extreme south of the big land: you are in the Boisé Harbor! This destination is well worth the detour: a protected bay, beautiful seabed ... In the hollow of the Bay, a trip to the river Trou Bleu is needed.

The next day, the Prony Bay, protected from the winds, you reserve beautiful hikes to the Hot Springs or to the islands Casy and Montravel. True green diamonds with colorful highlights, these islets are a paradise for swimming and kayaking. Amateur beautiful pictures: enjoy!

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In the backdrop of your day: wilderness, islands and islands, narrow canals or bays.

The first day: we take the road to the port of Port Boisé (around 1h30 of road). Arrived at the campsite and after some rudiments of paddles, we will leave for a sea kayak hike in the Bay.

The second day: walk in Prony Bay. These walks require about 2 hours of commute to and from. Allow two hours for a stop at the Gil Moglia shelter with a meal.

This excursion requires some technical and physical pre-requisites. It is open to all. Children from 14 years supervised or accompanied by a parent are welcome.

The principle of a guided tour is to allow you to be the actors of your adventure and also to benefit from a taught practice of the activity.

Content of the service: transport, top of the range equipment and standards, supervision on water and essential technical inputs, advice on land, safety equipment ...

Each participant must have his camping equipment. The food is the responsibility of the group: the menu and the packaging of food will be advised by email. It is however possible to request the organization and purchase of meals by H2o Odyssée.

You choose to sign up for an excursion guided by an experienced State Patent Trainer. This service differs from a rental equipment, you will have a suitable and efficient equipment.

The first day you can take a rest at Natacha campsite in Port Boisé Bay where a meal will be waiting for you.

The second day, towards the Kaoris river towards the Hot Springs and the small Blue River in the Carénage Bay. Discovery of the heritage, swimming will enliven this day.

On reservation and optional, a meal at the Refuge du Carénage, concocted by Gil Moglia, master of the place and chef, is a great opportunity to eat and to remember a great moment.

Prerequisites for the activity:

- We strongly recommend that you follow a day of level I sea kayaking practice. Having already completed a day of upgrading with H2o Odyssée, is an optimal registration requirement.


• For kayakers with a minimum of experience (beginners and +)
• Protected body of water with some places to rest and dock
• 3 to 5 hours of navigation
• Distance from 6 to 10 nautical miles (12 to 18 km)
• Winds of 10 knots (18 km / h), waves of 0,5 m

• 2 level of the FQCK or BCU 2 * or equivalent
• Good knowledge of basic techniques, support, towing, recovery and navigation
• Ability to paddle under moderate conditions
• Ability to launch and dock in a light wave

Navigation in ZONE II: MODERATE difficulty level
• Great Lakes and Freshwater Reservoirs. Many islands and bays: difficult orientation.
• Possibility of gales. Seaside moderately exposed to the wind but with several possibilities of shelter: islands, bays, harbors. Easy docking: many sites and generally easy.
• Salt water. Water temperature: cold, average between 12 and 18 ° C. Tide less than 1,5 meter. Regular dominant winds and current from 2 to 4 nodes.

Why do I have to register?

H2O ODYSSÉE is committed to respecting your reservation and to offer you the best for all its services.

Also, H2O ODYSSÉE offers more 7 different services on 6 geographical locations more than 90 km apart on average ... Some of these services are itinerant and they require a different organization depending on the starting points. Handling, transportation and these consequences, the removal of kayaks, or canoes at the place of activity, represent a demanding logistics and therefore requires a significant preparation time.

The more your reservation is made in advance, the easier it is to form a group. The number of participants is limited to guarantee your safety and your pleasure. Last minute registrations are not always possible and can not guarantee a place.

H2O ODYSSÉE does not practice the policy of "over-booking" to protect itself from potential cancellations and asks you, in return, to commit to respecting your reservation.

Hence the need for your booking 8 minimum days before delivery.

Registration and reservation form:

Registration is mandatory, you validate it on the site after the different steps from the booking links. The first reservations validated and settled, according to the conditions of sale on the site, (quota 4 people) will decide the destination of the excursion which will be confirmed by H2O ODYSSÉE. You will be notified by phone and / or email as soon as possible.

Minimum of 4 participants, however ...

The minimum of 4 people is not reached? You are 2 or 3 registered and you want to leave despite everything? ... A proposal is made to you and H2O ODYSSÉE will endeavor to validate the output under the following conditions:

EXAMPLE: PROVINCIAL PARK of the Blue River, WALK, Half day.

  • For 3 participants: a discount of 10% will be calculated on the base rate 4 people and reduced to the number of 3 participants: 7 550 cfp
  • For 2 participants: a discount of 15% will be calculated on the base rate 4 people and reduced to the number of 2 participants: 10 700 cfp


The practice of canoeing and kayaking is a wilderness activity subject to the presence of varied weather conditions. As for any outdoor activity, the practitioner must plan to equip to navigate in all weather conditions. Your guide knows the peculiarities of navigation sites (protected or not) and the navigational conditions that are linked to it.

How do you make it rain? We are getting wet !!!!

And if it's raining very very hard? We are sheltering !!!!

The exit is canceled?

  • In case of simple rain or lack of sun, NO.
  • In case of alert weather orange or red, YES. Case of very heavy rain with duly ascertained flood, violent storms and named storms (forecast at 24 h).

We are on an island in the middle of the Pacific, it takes a number of rainy days and many "site effects" depending on the places of navigation. Cases of yellow vigilance are frequent cases and are inherent to the activity.

A yellow alert notice does not depend on specific administrative measures and does not constitute a case of force majeure. This case does not involve the cancellation of an exit but only to follow behavioral advice.

No refunds will be given for unused services. Similarly, discounts or refunds are not granted for a late arrival or withdrawal during the trip.

Paddling in very hot weather is ideal for water battles! Paddling in the rain can be very fun and the exercise gets you hot! Some sail all year round in the northern hemisphere so why not us in the Pacific?


The safety standards that we apply are related to the 4 May 1995 order.

  • Know how to swim at least 25 meter and be in good health.
  • Have the ability and level required for the chosen exit
  • For minors, a legal representative or a professional "BEESAN" must attest to their abilities.
  • Children under twelve are supervised or accompanied.
  • Each participant knows and follows the basic rules and security code.
  • The group navigates to ensure that they maintain visual and auditory contact with the guide.
  • Never assume that the conditions will be ideal. The tropical climate reserves its surprises and its realities for all the amateurs of outings of full nature.
  • Respect the customs of the country during expeditions.
  • Read and accept the special and general conditions of sale of H2O ODYSSÉE.

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