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Full Moon - Forest Née - Yaté - Guided Walk - Canoe - Kayak

At the Provincial Park of the Blue River:

Each month, the full moon will enlighten us for a nocturnal canoe trip to the Blue River in the Drowned Forest. A magical and astonishing mystery on Lake Yaté in the Provincial Park of the Blue River.

A guided walk in the Forêt Noyé in traditional canoe:

With your guide, you can slalom in a canoe between the trees of the Floating Forest without fear of getting lost in the labyrinths of the Blue River at Lake Yaté.

Instant booking: Standard and scheduled activities on the agenda.

Go directly to the calendar and booking elements (Registration deadline - Where - When - Timetable - Minimum and maximum number of participants - Number of places available - Price - Promo code - Registration forms - Online payment ...) by clicking on the following button:

Information: to register.

Organization of "scheduled activities" on the calendar:

The agenda offers a choice of activities scheduled in advance. Guided and supervised services that are proposed to you on the calendar require a preliminary reservation.

Registration for these activities is "on the water". The first registrants are the first served. Also, the first reservations validate the service displayed on the calendar (type of activity, destination and period).

Registration and reservation form:

As with all outdoor activities, it is mandatory to complete a registration form per person to participate in one of the services.

To fill out the registration form: click on the "Booking Space" button and select the number of participants in the online booking area.

Your reservation is validated after selecting the desired method of payment. You will always receive a booking confirmation and proof of payment by email.

Principle of operation of a guided tour in Canoe & Kayak:

H2O ODYSSÉE is committed to respecting your booking and to offer you the best for all its services (coaching and personalized courses, high-end equipment and high-end ...). Also, the number of participants is limited to guarantee your safety and your pleasure.

Unlike a rental or restaurant service, H2O ODYSSÉE does not practice the policy of "over-booking" in order to protect itself from potential cancellations. In return, you are asked to commit to respect your reservation.

Why do I have to register?

H2O ODYSSÉE offers you more 7 different services on 6 geographical locations more than 90 km away on average ... Some of these services are itinerant and they require a different organization depending on the starting points. The organization of the outings, the handling, the transport, the preparation of your equipment, represent a demanding logistics and thus requires a big preparation time.

Your canoe and kayak instructors and instructors are professional but not extensible ... the more you book in advance, the easier it is to organize your outing and provide you with quality service.

On the program: description of the exit

Your exit at the Parc de la Rivière Bleue:

There are few boats that embody both the spirit of exploration and traditional canoeing. Here is a guided walk to introduce you to canoeing and to enjoy a beautiful setting.

The program:

Under the glow of the full moon, the Provincial Park of the Blue River becomes the playground, the time of a few unforgettable hours to make you discover the joys of boating !!!

H2o Odyssée will give you access to the Blue River Provincial Park to visit the Forêt Noyé and discover the Blue River by night. It is also the occasion of a picnic and to better know this environment.

An outing for all:

An accompanied walk to introduce you to Canadian canoeing! Easy and affordable, you'll get a taste of boating aboard this boat straight from Canada! In a small group, with friends or family, you will be conquered by this amazing forest, from sunset to the rising of the full moon ...

Dry in Canoe:

With your guide, you can slalom between the trees of the Floating Forest without fear of getting lost in this maze of multiple arms of the Blue River. Sitting comfortably aboard real Canadian canoes, arrived freshly in New Caledonia at the Parc de la Rivière Bleue, your navigation will be easy, fast and light, and you will enjoy the show!

A friendly atmosphere:

A nocturnal picnic in a magical setting, that you can not find anywhere else, you will keep for a long time the memory of this atypical evening ... Propose to amazing and mysterious photos, they will remain the witness of your walk one evening of Full Moon .

Friends of nature, you are given the opportunity to think outside the box by this quality service at the Parc de la Rivière Bleue, enjoy !!!

Directions: Appointments and Hours.

Appointments and directions:

1) Meeting place:

Directly at the entrance of the Provincial Park of the Blue River. Although outside the usual opening hours of the Park, H2O Odyssée will be present to welcome you and give you access to the Park to visit the Forest Née to the Full Moon.
Please respect the time of the appointment proposed by Mika, your guide.

2) The Park Road:

To get there, leaving Noumea take the RP1, towards the Coulée, then the RP3 Yaté road, on 70 km ?. Arrived just before Lake Yaté, take the road to the Blue River Park on your left and drive 7 km to the entrance of the Park.
From the park entrance, Mika, your guide, will take you to the starting point of the exit.

3) Unrolled from the output:

✓ Duration: From 17H30 to 22H30, activity time on water 2H30 surroundings.
After getting acquainted, a quick but useful presentation, equipment, canoes, and some rudiments necessary for the practice of canoe before the launch ... and go for a ride in the light of the full moon !!! Waterproof bags will be offered to protect your belongings and your picnic. Your Mika guide will gladly share the Canadian Canoe practice for your comfort. Between two boating moments on the waters of the Noyé Forest, a stop will be proposed on the banks of the river.

4) Back:

The return is estimated at 22h30 hours, where we launched. A little help to rest the canoes on the trailer, and hop, we will go together at the entrance of the Park, so that Mika your guide, can you open the barrier ... The pleasure of canoeing again, and especially, caution for your return to Noumea.

Technical details

✓ Equipment:

Canoes equipped and efficient are at your disposal.

✓ Material provided:
Canoe Canadian two-seater or three-seater, with inflates, paddle, life jacket, waterproof bag.

✓ Supervision:

The activity is supervised by a professional state patent monitor.

✓ What to expect:
Closed shoes with thin soles not afraid of water, or neoprene booties, windsurfing style.
Soft hold, shorts, t-shirt, swimsuit, small windbreaker for the freshness of the night.
A flashlight frontal will be very useful, see advised,
One in case or a picnic for the small pose, and what to drink.
Optional: a camera ... watertight ... (attention risk of contact with water). Otherwise, place it in a waterproof bag during the time of navigation.

Difficulty level of the exit

Particularity of the output:

This outing can be the subject of your baptism in canoe. It is an easy exit that does not require any technical or physical requirements. It is open to all. Children from 8 years supervised or accompanied by a parent are welcome (limited number of places).

Category of the output:

Type of activity: B * = Walk

Walk under 4 hours

Level of difficulty of the tour: Easy 

• Open to all members (novices and +)
• Inland or protected body of water with several places to rest and dock
• 3 hours of navigation or less
• Distance from 6 nautical miles (12 km) or less
• Winds of 5 knots (10 km / h) or less, waves of 0 m

Required level and minimum technical skills:

• Kayaker newly introduced to sport
• Little or no skill or special experience
• 1 level of the FQCK or BCU 1 * or equivalent
• Knowledge of basic maneuvers
• Ability to paddle on protected lakes and bodies of water
• 2 level of the FQCK or BCU 2 * or equivalent
• Good knowledge of basic techniques, support, towing, recovery and navigation
• Ability to paddle under moderate conditions
• Ability to launch and dock in a light wave

Level I navigation zone: BAS level of difficulty.

• Small lake or low-flow watercourse. The topography does not present obstacles to orientation. Many possibilities of shelter. Easy docking: numerous and easy sites, beaches. • Fresh water. The temperature of the water is acceptable, generally higher than 18 ° C in the height of summer. The current varies from zero to 2 nodes. The environment is generally sheltered, the fetch is limited and the wind rarely causes difficulties. • Civilization / isolation, assistance: easily accessible for refueling, communications, emergencies or rescue. • Weather conditions to respect: light wind, less than 15 km / h, perfect visibility.
Level requiring a minimum of knowledge.

Tips for signing up

Book in advance:

Last minute registrations are not always possible and can not guarantee a place.

By subscribing in advance to one of the services of the agenda, you can benefit from "group rates" (rates established on the basis of 2, 4 or 6 participants minimum according to the activities).

The earlier your booking is made, the easier it is to form a group for "scheduled activities". Unless, of course, your group has enough participants from the start.

How to do it if you are alone or an insufficient number of people to benefit from "bundled rates"?

You want to register for a scheduled outing and include yourself in a group: select and click on the activity of your choice, then confirm your reservation.

If the minimum number of people is not reached, your reservation is valid 4 months! It can be exchanged for another service, ceded to a third party, reimbursed according to the conditions of sale.

In case of incomplete group:

Give yourself the opportunity to privatize your exit. You will enjoy exclusive supervision!

The minimum number of participants is not reached and you are unavailable at another period? You are 2 or 3 registered and you want to maintain the exit anyway? ...

A proposal is made to you and H2O ODYSSÉE will try to validate the exit under the following conditions:

  • For 3 participants: a discount of 10% will be calculated on the base rate and reduced to the number of 3 participants
  • For 2 participants: a discount of 15% will be calculated on the base rate and reduced to the number of 2 participants
According to the Meteo

To consider:

The practice of canoeing and kayaking is a wilderness activity subject to the presence of varied weather conditions. As for any outdoor activity, the practitioner must plan to equip to navigate in all weather conditions. Your guide knows the peculiarities of navigation sites (protected or not) and the navigational conditions that are linked to it.

The exit is canceled?

  • In case of alert weather orange or red, YES. Case of very heavy rain with duly ascertained flood, violent storms and named storms (forecast at 24 h).

We are on an island in the middle of the Pacific, it takes a number of rainy days and many "site effects" depending on the places of navigation. Cases of yellow vigilance are frequent cases and are inherent to the activity. A yellow alert notice does not depend on specific administrative measures and does not constitute a case of force majeure. This case does not involve the cancellation of an exit but only to follow behavioral advice.

No refunds will be given for unused services. Similarly, discounts or refunds are not granted for a late arrival or withdrawal during the trip.

Privatization: request your service "exclusively"

Off schedule requests:

No date of "scheduled activities" is right for you? Send us a request well in advance ... We can privatize your excursion for yourself or for 2 or 3 people. Ask us for a quote via the site's email window.

Only "tailor-made", "exclusive", "with transport" or "existing group" claims can be scheduled outside the schedule.


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