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Welcome to H2o Odyssey!

Looking for a leisure trip, a guided expedition on the lagoon, adventure ... you have found the right address! H2O Odyssée adapts to your desires and proposes you guided outings in Sea Kayak or Traditional Canoe to immerse you in the nature.

The descriptive page of the output is here: https://www.h2o-odyssee.com/pleine-lune-foret-noyee-yate-canoe-kayak/

Appointments and directions:

1) Meeting place:

Directly at the entrance of the Provincial Park of the Blue River. Although outside the usual opening hours of the Park, H2O Odyssée will be present to welcome you and give you access to the Park to visit the Forest Née to the Full Moon.
Please respect the appointment time.

2) The Park Road:

To get there, leaving Noumea take the RP1, towards the Coulée, then the RP3 Yaté road, on 70 km ?. Arrived just before Lake Yaté, take the road to the Blue River Park on your left and drive 7 km to the entrance of the Park.
From the park entrance, Mika, your guide, will take you to the starting point of the exit.

3) Unrolled from the output:

✓ Duration: From 17H30 to 22H30, activity time on water 2H30 surroundings.
After getting acquainted, a quick but useful presentation, equipment, canoes, and some rudiments necessary for the practice of canoe before the launch ... and go for a ride in the light of the full moon !!! Waterproof bags will be offered to protect your belongings and your picnic. Your Mika guide will gladly share the Canadian Canoe practice for your comfort. Between two boating moments on the waters of the Noyé Forest, a stop will be proposed on the banks of the river.

4) Back:

The return is estimated at 22h30 hours, where we launched. A little help to rest the canoes on the trailer, and hop, we will go together at the entrance of the Park, so that Mika your guide, can you open the barrier ... The pleasure of canoeing again, and especially, caution for your return to Noumea.


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